AlGrano, Commercial Partner

The digital platform connects coffee producers with roasters around the world, in the hope of creating truly sustainable long-term relationships. In its search to improve the coffee sector, AlGrano joins IKAWA to create a fundraising campaign together with IKAWA to deliver toasters to selected producers from all origins for the outstanding quality of their coffee.

Thus, thanks to this initiative, Norcafé received the donation of an IKAWA toaster in 2020. This is a great milestone in the search to improve the quality of our coffee, since it will be possible to discover the exact profiles of the different coffees of our producers and we'll be able to assign each batch a more precise score according to its identified profile.

In the words of our CEO, Nixer Ordoñez: “We want to thank AlGrano for the donation of an IKAWA toaster, which will allow us to attend and provide better cupping services to our producers and also advance in the quality control of our coffee."

We look forward to making great achievements with this new equipment in this 2020.