2020 "Cup of Excellence" Award Winners

As every year, our products were part of the National Coffee Fair in Peru 2020 with a view set in participating in the most important national competition in this sector.

Coffee producers from all places of Peru, meet at this convention, publicizing their different crops with different notes that are achieved by using different roasting processes, cultivation areas with different characteristics or varieties of grains typical of those areas. Among all of them, it is determined which of the specialty coffees has a higher score, making it the recipient of the “Cup of Excellence” award.

This is based on a maximum score of 100, in which 10 different categories are measured on a 10-point scale for each of them. These categories are: Fragrance and aroma, Flavor, Residual flavor, Acidity, Body, Uniformity, Sweetness, Clean cup, Balance and Taster's score.

Two of our producers Edwar Toro Goicochea and Jhonner Jhasson Chinguel Morales won the second and third place respectively of this prestigious contest, bringing pride and joy to the Norcafé family for this great achievement.